Florida Orienteering - Tutorial

  The following links provide information and instruction on the sport of Orienteering:

Orienteering Overview - PDF [courtesy of Rochester Orienteering Club]
Orienteering Overview with links - 9round   [external link]
Orienteering Overview with links - impactsigns   [external link]
Explaining Courses and the Color Code
How to choose the Correct Course for You
Orienteering for the Young
Explaining Orienteering Clue Symbols [Cheat Sheet]
Explaining Orienteering Clue Symbols [Full IOF document]
Glossary of Orienteering Terms   [external link]
How To Use a Compass   [external link]
A Boy Scout's Guide To Navigation Skills   [external link]
Junior Mapper's Guide   [external link]
Map, Compass, Triangulation   [external link]

Orienteering games for your PC

The following links demonstrate the sport of orienteering using photos, maps and instructive narrative. They will take you through actual courses, as experienced by the competitor or photographer.

We call this experience Cyber-Orienteering; we hope that you enjoy it.
Note: some of these are photo-intensive - you may need a fast connection, a large monitor, and high resolution.

Bob's "Turkey Run", Mar 2015
Croom, Blue Course, Feb 2014
ONF Blue Course, May 2013
Croom, Control setting, Mar 2008
Moss Park Blue Course, Feb 2008
Little Big Econ Red Course, May 2007
Croom Red Course, Jan 2007
Kelly Park Red Course, Dec 2005
Georgia Navigator Cup, Jul 2004 - Day 1
Georgia Navigator Cup, Jul 2004 - Day 2
Little Big Econ Red Course, Apr 2004
Little Big Econ Red Course, Nov 2003
Little Big Econ Green Course, Nov 2002
Little Big Econ Red Course (night run), Nov 2002
Shockley Ranch, Paisley Red Course, Mar 2002
Deleon Springs Red Course - Photo Tour, Jun 1997

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