Orienteering along the Suncoast of Florida

Events are open to all. Courses for different levels of experience and fitness.


Map Hike An untimed short course, 2-3 km, designed for family groups, hikers and youngsters looking to learn orienteering techniques on the go. All navigation and travel will be along trails
Novice / Yellow Courses 3-4 km in length. Use all the map and compass techniques required on the advanced courses but with easier to find checkpoints (controls) close to trails and other large features.
Intermediate / Orange Courses 4-5 km in length. Slightly more advanced navigation challenges. Participants should be proficient in taking a compass bearing (azimuth) and estimating distance of travel (pace counting)
Short Advanced / Green Courses 4.5-6 km in length, designed for the experienced orienteer wanting a 'shorter' challenge or looking for their first advanced experience
Adventure, Red/Blue Two longer advanced courses, 6-15 km, only for those with previous experience at the Green level or higher, or experience as an Adventure Racer, or who have specific permission from the organizer to enter this level
Special Adventure The Special Open Adventure Course is where participants try to check in at as many of the control points from all the other courses within a fixed time limit. For information email Suncoast_orienteering@yahoo.com

All events will be available for regional and state-wide JROTC competitions. Contact Capt. Bill Rennie, Charlotte High School JROTC for details: rennie.bill.nsi@navyjrotc.us


January 22, 2022 Sand Hills Scout Reservation - Spring Hill
Likely a JROTC event in the morning and a scout event in the afternoon.
January 29, 2022 GT Bray Park - Bradenton
Febuary 5, 2022 North Port High School - North Port
Febuary 26, 2022 Oscar Scherer State Park - Osprey
Mar 26 or Apr 2, 2022 University S. Florida - Temple Terrace
Suncoast Orienteering Champs.


Pre-registration is not required but it is always a good idea to notify Suncoast Orienteering of your intention to participate so that a map of your preferred course may be reserved for you. To save time and avoid line ups you can download, fill out, scan and return the Suncoast Entry form. Pay fee on arrival.

Standard Policies:

All events will open for registration at 10 AM. Starts can be any time between 10 AM and noon.

All participants must check in at the finish by 3 PM at the latest.

Particpants must register and sign a waiver to receive a map with their course on it.
Participants under the age of 18 must have their parentís signature on the waiver.
Download the waiver from FLO website if necessary

Participants are responsible for carrying their own water or other non-alcoholic refreshments. Piped drinking water is available at all venues.

Smoking and/or lighting matches while in the terrain is strictly forbidden.

This is a map and compass sport. GPS devices may be used to track your route but not to aid navigation. Cell phones may be used in emergencies but not to gain or give course information.

Registration Fees:

Current members of FLO, Suncoast or other O-USA/IOF affiliated clubs: $6
Others: $9

Groups: Regular fee for first map, plus $3 for each extra map.

All events will have SI timing. Finger stick rental is $5.

A park usage fee will be collected at the park gate or by the event organizer.

For further information contact suncoast_orienteering@yahoo.com or Gord Hunter: gordhun@rogers.com