Florida Orienteering - Policies

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Rules for Participation in FLO Events

  1. Be prepared:

  2. Read, understand, and know how to follow the Emergency Rules and Procedures.
  3. You must return to the Finish before 3:00 pm. There is also a 3 hour time limit. If you exceed this limit your time will be recorded as 'Over Time'. This is equivalent to 'Did not Finish'.
  4. Know the Safety Bearing before starting the course.
  5. Group members must stay together throughout the course, and must finish together.
  6. You must visit the controls in order, as numbered on the map and control description sheet. Unless otherwise notified at the beginning of the event, such as for a "Score" style event, everyone must visit the controls in order. This is necessary for two reasons:
  7. Select a course consistent with your current skills.  Do not move up until you are prepared.
  8. Fill out the FLO registration form completely and legibly.  This insures that someone will know if you fail to return, and proper steps can be taken.
  9. Volunteer!  OK - so we won't kick you out if you don't.  But, volunteers are necessary to run every event.   And, if the same people volunteer event after event, they tend to burn out.   See the Event Volunteer Guide for more info.
  10. ROTC, Scout, and other non-profit groups interested in holding an Orienteering Event please refer to one of:

We want everyone to improve their orienteering skills, and challenge themselves mentally and physically, while enjoying the orienteering experience.

Following FLO Rules will help ensure that everyone - participants and FLO volunteers alike - have a great day.

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