Florida Orienteering
Results Format for Event Coordinators

E-mail Formatted Results to:   Mike Dempsey, FLO Results Coordinator

Please use the following format (example at bottom) when compiling event results.   The file will be converted to a format that can be used in both the newsletter and on the Web site.

How to Format Results:

  1. Save Results in a plain text (.txt) file.
  2. Do not send spreadsheet files or .doc files with special formatting – it is more difficult to convert and reformat them.
  3. The first lines of text should be the EVENT LOCATION and DATE.   They will be reproduced exactly as they appear in the text file - only centered.
  4. The first blank line following the event information tells the script to look for a COURSE HEADING.   Extra blank lines are ignored.
  5. The COURSE HEADINGS are: There should be NO other text in the heading.
  6. The line following a COURSE HEADING should start with 2 or more equal signs  ==  ,or dashes --, to underline the heading.  These will not be used in the HTML file – they simply improve the readability of the file.
  7. The line following the line of dashes should be the winning COMPETITOR and TIME.
  8. COMPETITORS and TIMES should be listed in two tab-separated columns.
  9. NAME text may be anything (except tabs): individual names, group names with group size, etc.
  10. TIME text should be one word:  a time 52:34 or 123:45; or other notation such as
    DNF - Did Not Finish;  OT - Over Time Limit;  DQ - Disqualified.
  11. The last COMPETITOR/TIME line should be followed by a blank line, which tells the script to look for another COURSE HEADING.

Example of Results Format:

Litterbug State Forest
Florida State Championships
6 December 2002

GS troop 66645:25
Oviedo HS #149:00
Bev Ousley75:14
Bob Putnam96:21
M. Mahoney123:55
Dave OusleyDNF

Hillary Rodham59:47
Billy Jeff79:25
Albert ArnoldOT