Florida Orienteering - Permanent Courses

Florida Orienteering is pleased to announce that we now have Permanent courses set up at Moss Park, Kelly Park and ,Florida Agricultural Museum .

If you would like to introduce yourself, or your friends, to the sport of Orienteering you can try one of these courses at any time the park is open. Refer to the following document for information and instructions.

Comming soon - new courses at Katies Landing / Lower Wekiva River Preserve and at Markham Park in South Florida.

You will need to print your own map and clue sheet prior to going to the park.
Please use the following links to print your map.

Moss Park         - Beginners     Intermediate     (Print Landscape)
Kelly Park         - Beginners     Intermediate     (Print Portrait)
FL Ag Museum - Beginners     Intermediate     (Print Portrait)
If you would like to learn more about Orienteering before attempting a course please go to the Tutorial section of our website.

After you have completed the course you can come back to our website and request a Certificate of Completion. This will be sent to you by email, in the form of a pdf file that you can print from your web browser.
If you mail your request for a certificate please include your email address.
This Certificate may serve as proof of your completion of an orienteering course as part of Scouting requirements.

The photos below show the posts being installed for our permanent course at Kelly Park...